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Criminal Cases & Results

People v. G.A. Norwalk, CA: Multiple life count sexual assault case with client facing 6 life terms in prison. Alleged victims claimed multiple acts of child molestation extending back 12-20 years.  Prosecution also called uncharged witness who claimed recent molestation. 
RESULT:  HUNG JURY FAVORING DEFENSE. CASE DISMISSED ON DEFENSE MOTION. Client had been in custody one year awaiting trial and is now home.

People v. F.F. Norwalk, CA: Three alleged victims accusing defendant of Continuous sexual molestation of a child, child molestation, and sexual battery.  Before trial, one victim's charges were dismissed after defense counsel investigation and subpoena of records.  Prosecution Offer was 3 years state prison. 
RESULT: HUNG JURY.  To settle case, Prosecution offered one year in jail and plea to non-sex offense, which would relieve client of sex offender registration requirement.  Against lawyer's advice, client refused offer and went to trial a second time. 
SECOND TRIAL RESULT: Not guilty of sexual battery, guilty of continuous sexual molestation of a child.  Prosecution asks for 12 years prison at contested sentencing. Defendant sentenced to 6 months in jail and out in two months, but must register as sex offender.

People v. J.N. SANTA ANA, CA: MISDEMEANOR CHILD MOLESTATION, punishable by one year in jail and lifetime sex offender registration. Defendant was a teacher at a school.  Prosecution's settlement offer was 9 months jail and lifetime sex offender registration. 
RESULT: NOT GUILTY after trial. 

RESULT: After trial, defendant sentenced to 60 days jail.

People v. M.U.  SANTA ANA, CA: ATTMEPTED MURDER WITH GANG ALLEGATIONS, carrying LIFE PRISON TERM. Client had been in custody two years before attorney received case. 
RESULT: After Mr. Flores reviewed the file, made discovery demands, and completed further investigation, CASE DISMISSED. Defendant now at home with his family.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: Man accused of rape. After immediate defense counsel involvement, investigation, and discussion with law enforcement, NO CHARGES FILED.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: Two active duty marines accused of robbery. After immediate defense counsel involvement and discussion with the District Attorney's office, NO CHARGES FILED.

People v. BB  LOS ANGELES, CA: Police officer charged with grand theft facing state prison. 
RESULT:  3 weeks actual custody and law enforcement return to client of many thousands of dollars.

People v. MP NEWPORT BEACH, CA: Grand Theft of property from major department store and defendant had a strike prior. Defendant hired Mr. Flores after first attorney could get no less than state prison offer. 
RESULT: One year home confinement and return by law enforcement of thousands in seized property.

People v. JH  WESTMINSTER, CA: Multiple counts residential burglary.
RESULT: Residential Treatment Program with follow up outpatient care. 

RESULT:  After Preliminary hearing, charges dismissed.

People v. RR  FULLERTON, CA: ALLEGED GANG MEMBER IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM WITH PRIOR STRIKES.  Client retained Mr. Flores after previous attorney got offer of 13 years state prison. 
RESULT:  Case resolved for 2 years prison, client out in 1 year.

PEOPLE V. MA, Santa Ana, CA: ALLEGED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  Defendant, a professional man,  accused of violence against spouse. Case pushed to trial and  prosecution dismissed charges.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: CHIROPRACTOR ACCUSED OF INSURANCE FRAUD:   After early intervention by attorney with investigating law enforcement agency, no charges filed. 

PEOPLE V. DN, NEWPORT BEACH, CA: Professional medical provider charged with felony grand theft exceeding $20,000.00and offered 9 months in jail with first attorney.
RESULT: Misdemeanor, no jail, and 80 hours community service.

PEOPLE V. RF, NEWPORT BEACH, CA: Defendant accused of $1,000,000.00 in fraud, charged with felonies and held in custody pending trial. 
RESULT: After preliminary hearing, all charges dismissed against client and he was released from custody. 

PEOPLE V. MK, WESTMINSTER, CA: Defendant accused of grand theft exceeding $150,000.00.
RESULT:  All charges dismissed after preliminary hearing and briefed argument.  Defendant later found FACTUALLY INNOCENT of all charges upon Mr. Flores' request and argument. 

PEOPLE V. JS, NEWPORT BEACH, CA: Client accused of felony animal cruelty, which was later reduced to misdemeanor after preliminary hearing with her first lawyer. Prosecution proceeded to trial. Client then hired Mr. Flores.
RESULT:  All charges dismissed before trial. Client later found FACTUALLY INNOCENT upon Mr. Flores' request and argument.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: Client arrested and accused of felony child endangerment and abuse.
RESULT:  After early intervention by Mr. Flores with law enforcement, no criminal charges filed.

Additional Criminal Cases & Results

Residential burglary with a prior strike conviction

Result: Not Guilty after trial

Three counts attempted murder with client facing 3 life terms

Result: Not Guilty after trial

Domestic Violence

Result: Reduced to disturbing peace

Commercial Burglary

Result: Dismissed

Felony Sexual Assault

Result: Case closed, no charges filed after extensive pre-filing efforts by attorney

Grand Theft

Result: Dismissed

Grand Theft – Alleged loss exceeding $1,000,000.00

Result: Dismissed during preliminary hearing

Felony strike charge of criminal threat against peace officer

Result: Dismissed

Arrest and charge of felony commercial burglary

Result: Reduced and Dismissed

Carry loaded firearm in public place and animal abuse

Result: Dismissed

Sexual battery with mandatory sex offender registration

Result: Reduced to simple battery with no sex offender registration and no jail time

Spousal battery and criminal threat against spouse

Result: Not Guilty

Strike charge of felony criminal threat against peace officer and felony brandish weapon against peace officer

Result: Dismissed

Felony child molestation investigation

Result: Case not filed after extensive pre-filing efforts by attorney

Felony grand theft

Result: Charged as misdemeanor after extensive pre-filing efforts by attorney, and defendant given informal handling by court without pleading guilty

Juvenile possession of weapon on school grounds

Result: Dismissed

DUI, hit and run with property damage, and felony heroin possession

Result: Defendant given treatment program with standard first time DUI terms

Felony grand theft charging more than $150,000.00 in losses

Result: Dismissed

Chiropractor disability insurance fraud

Result: Case closed no charges filed after pre-filing efforts by attorney

Abuse to animals and carrying loaded firearm in public

Result: Dismissed

False arrest without warrant

Result: Attorney secures plaintiff’s verdict

Felony possession of assault weapon

Result: Reduced to misdemeanor, no probation + fine


Note: Results on cases are not a guarantee of results in your case. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits. Beware of any attorney or person who guarantees you a result in your case.

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