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Skilled And Expert 1st And 2nd Degree Attempt Legal Defense In Tustin, CA

Being a suspect of attempted murder carries the potential for very serious legal consequences. With your future on the line, it is more important than ever to make sure that your case is represented with competency and knowledge.

Ensuring that your rights are protected is the number one priority when it comes to criminal charges of this extent. Whether you are being investigated for 1st or 2nd degree attempted murder, having an attorney on your side is vital to the smooth outcome of your case. When you are hiring a legal professional for matters such as these, your lawyer should be well-versed in 1st degree and 2nd degree law. Due to the complexities of the legal procedures involved with these crimes, this will be a beneficial asset to both your credibility and your overall legal autonomy.

Attorney Edward R. Flores has more than three decades of legal experience and is equipped to defend whatever case he is presented with. With his extensive background in a diverse legal environment, Mr. Flores will defend your rights with confidence and skill in order to bring your case to a productive conclusion.

What A Crime Defense Attorney Can Do For You

Flores Law Group will act as a level of legal protection between you and opposing parties.

1st Degree Crime Defense

Attempted murder in the 1st degree means that the defendant acted deliberately, willfully, and with premeditation against the victim. A conviction of this crime carries a sentence of life imprisonment in a California State Prison with the possibility of parole.

Given the gravity that this charge brings, a 1st degree attempt lawyer will play a major role in how your case is constructed, defended, and resolved. Now is the time to hire a 1st degree crime defense attorney that will stand with you and bolster your status to the prosecuting party.

2nd Degree Crime Defense

Attempted murder in the 2nd degree is the unlawfully attempted murder of another individual without premeditation or deliberation. This crime carries a sentence of five, seven, or nine years in a California state prison.

A 2nd degree attempt lawyer employs unique strategies to defend your case. They will utilize tactics such as displaying your lack of intent to kill, arguing your right to self-defense, and/or proving your misidentification. With an experienced and qualified 2nd degree crime defense attorney, you can be assured your case is being managed with the capable knowledge of a professional.

Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation: This Firm Is Prepared To Defend Your Legal Rights

Are you looking for confident legal defense in Tustin, CA? Flores Law Group is prepared to serve you.

Flores Law Group is eager to offer our extensive experience in this field to resolve your case with proficiency and ease. No matter what the status of your circumstances may be, Flores Law Group stands ready to serve your needs.

If you have any questions regarding this area of legal defense, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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