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“Mr. Flores has been our attorney for almost 3 years, through a long and difficult case that has just recently been resolved. We are beyond grateful for all of the work and time Mr. Flores and his team gave to my case. He was upfront and knowledgeable with our outcomes, and we feel that his advice got us the best possible result. Through the worst time in our life, he was there with us and has helped change our life for the better.

From the beginning consultation, we trusted Mr. Flores and felt that he would have our best interest in mind. He always answered any questions we had and made us feel that he was on our side to guide us to a resolution. Ruth, his office manager, is also amazing and helped us throughout the process. Thanks to Mr. Flores and his team, we can continue on with our life with this case finally resolved. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need. Thank you so much for everything Mr. Flores.”Martin P.

“You have no idea of how extremely happy I am, with you, and your services. I have been dealing with criminal attorneys for over 30 years and have exceeded my expectations. I am still just blown away by what you did for me and central court. WoW! So, for what its worth, I truly thank you, and my daughter thank you. You are a true adamant professional in every sense of the word.”A Satisfied Client

“He provided all the details and a plan was developed to get justice for me. My case is still ongoing and I am very confident that Mr. Flores will get the results I expect. Mr. Flores is a very detailed attorney. He explained the plan and alternatives to deal with the defendants. I would recommend Mr. Flores not only to my family but friends and others.”Ramon P.

“Attorney Flores treated me with respect and professionalism. He guided me through what needs to be done and help me win my case. I am so grateful that I hire him as my attorney and I will recommend him to whoever needs his service. I have complete trust and confidence of attorney Flores to do his best to help you in your case. I feel so thankful to know him.”Mirasol W.

“Attorney was upfront made everything clear and had no issues working with him, the office admin team was always happy to help with anything that I needed. It was a great experience being represented but a bad experience having committed crime the office was really helpful I appreciate everything the Atty did for me.”Carlos D.

“Attorney Flores treated me with respect, kept up to date on my case and I felt comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney. I am very happy and satisfied with my experience being represented by Attorney Flores.”Karen L.

“Mr. Flores was very respectable with me and my case, he helped me with my case. He’s a very honest lawyer and person. I was very happy with my results and would use him again if I ever would need him again. I would tell them or anybody that if you needed some help or if you were in a scrape to call him, he could help you. He helps me and I’m glad I called him.”Daniel P.

“He always kept me up to date, well informed, and made me comfortable. I would definitely recommend, he was an amazing attorney who went above and beyond.”Lisa V.

“Highest respect, very professional. Great experience.”Teresita S.

“Made me feel like a friend and not a client. Exceptional.”Mark A.

“He was genuinely concerned about my life and outcome of the case as if I was a family member. He responded quickly and his staff was kind. I was treated with respect and honesty as to the outcome. I trusted him with my life and I’m glad I did. He accomplished something only 1 in 100 attorneys can do, a finding of factual innocence!”Carol E.

“The best attorney around me would send everybody to him.”Jason H.

“He has tremendous insight and his ability to be one step ahead is a tremendous advantage. He lays things out and doesn’t over-promise. Let me put it this way…if I had any lawyer to choose I would go with Ed. He was there for me in the worst time and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. He gets my highest recommendation. When the chips are down, having this guy in your corner can save your life! He is the rare kind of guy who cares about people and does his best for clients when it counts most!”Kenneth M.

“Since the first time I walk at his office always with respect. I highly recommend his services to anyone.”Merse B.

“Mr. Flores exceeded my expectations. He showed the utmost respect and displayed empathy in the most professional manner possible. He is experienced and trustworthy which is not always the case when hiring attorneys. Mr. Flores and his staff provided great service. They were timely and responsive to all messages and questions. Mr. Flores is very knowledgeable and commands respect among his peers and colleagues. Mr. Flores is assertive and proactive with his cases while displaying empathy, kindness and respect to his clients. A recipe for success in my book!”Sandra N.

“Man of his words good man respect him a lot. Top lawyer.”Alain A.

“Communication throughout the entire process was always excellent – Ed was never difficult to reach when necessary, and always ready to explain matters thoroughly. At a time of great stress, and where answers and options are urgently needed, you can always count on Ed to explain matters thoroughly, demystify unwarranted concerns, and think positively and constructively on how he can provide his services well and successfully. Thank you Ed!”Logan C.

“Ed Flores was respectful, genuine and knowledgeable! I highly recommend Ed Flores! He represented my son on several occasions and referred me to someone else for a probate case with my father. All cases ended well!”Jennifer A.

“Ed kept me up to date throughout the case and helped ease my concerns during the entire ordeal. His knowledge and expertise helped comfort me through the toughest in my life. I put my future in Ed’s hands and he fought for me like I was part of his family. I would recommend Ed 100%. Not only did he use tact, he was respectful throughout the entire process. Not to mention, he went above and beyond and helped me change for the better, including helping me kick my drinking for good. Without Ed, I would not be where I am today.”Hunter H.

“Mr. Flores did an amazing job. He took care of everything I needed and helped take care of my case with great efficiency. Extremely happy to have had Mr. Flores as my attorney and would hire him again without hesitation.”Micah D.

“Edward treated us with respect and kept us informed with the whole process. We felt very comfortable with our decision to hire Ed Flores. We would recommend him to others to help navigate the court/criminal system. Highly recommended and extremely satisfied. Ed kept us informed about the process and patiently answered all our questions and concerns.”Jeremy N.

“I met with two lawyers and Mr. Flores was one of them. I decided to go with Ed because I felt like he cared, his fees were fair, and I believe he had the experience. He was very proactive with my case. He saved me a lot of time and was very insightful. What I love most is that Ed is the kind of guy who is very approachable and trustworthy. I held nothing back and he got me the best possible results I could expect. Ed Flores gets my highest recommendation. I cannot think of a better person to have on your team.”Ken M.

“Mr. Flores helped me with a small situation where I was trying to decide whether I need to retain a lawyer or not based on the circumstances. Mr. Flores initial assessment on Avvo was no need for a lawyer. Being concerned and not familiar with the court system, I asked Mr. Flores if I could schedule a consultation visit to get a thorough assessment and more information/education. After the consultation, Mr. Flores advised that there was no need to retain a lawyer. I was very impressed with his honesty. He could have easily convinced that I needed to retain one, and I would have probably retained him.

In addition to his honesty, knowledge and expertise, Mr. Flores is personable and kind!”A Satisfied Client

“Hiring Edward Flores was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Can’t find great enough words to describe this attorney. Here are just some of them: highly knowledgeable and skilled, smart, straightforward, dedicated, work hard to achieve the best results for his clients. Mr.Flores always returned my calls in a timely and efficient manner and found time to meet and address any concerns. I’m really grateful for the service he provided me in my domestic violence charges and the results we accomplished together. Thank you Edward!”Seth

“I was charged with felony criminal charges. Accusations that were totally unfair, and out of line! I had never been in trouble with the law in my life! In fact, all of my adult life, my career was about enforcing the law as a Peace Officer! Now, here I was a defendant. Confused and shaken!

Fortunately, a good friend of mine, and associate to Mr. Flores, recommended his counsel. After contacting and meeting with Mr. Flores, he agreed to take on my case. Over several aggravating months of legal rambling, questioning many witnesses, including me and my own actions, Mr. Flores stood tall for me! And, in the interest of justice, my case was dismissed! I never even had to appear in court!

His many years of experience, as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, along with his friendly bedside manner including encouragement with clients, but a bulldog demeanor in the court room produces remarkably fair results! The aforementioned also extends to his office staff! Ms. Ruth, his secretary, is very knowledgeable, personable, and helpful as well! I highly recommend the office of Mr. Edward R. Flores for any accusations resulting in criminal charges filed against you!”Todd

“Mr. Flores gave us a detailed plan for accomplishing our legal objective. He directed us to consider using the public defender’s office at considerate cost savings to us while still expressing a willingness to take on the matter himself. We were impressed with his integrity. He was very personable and expressed a sincere interest in helping.”Clementina

“My life changed a few summers ago when I was accused with sexual assault while vacationing in California. There were 4 stunning criminal charges made against me, all felonies, that could have resulted in me being imprisoned for as long as 40 years. During the early phases of this process I used two different lawyers, but they did not make me feel confident in any way. Mr. Flores is well known in legal circles in Orange County; he has a reputation for taking on the toughest cases with the most severe of penalties for defendants if he is not successful. I met with Mr. Flores and talked about my situation in great detail without feeling rushed in any way and he agreed to represent me in my case. As it turns out, this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mr. Flores is a no-nonsense attorney who demonstrates relentless energy in a calm, cool and collected manner with determination. From my experience I believe he is very experienced and capable. He exudes calm confidence and certainty and he has a great wealth of legal experience and extensive contacts throughout the criminal justice system in Orange County. Mr. Flores is “the real deal” when it comes to proactive, aggressive criminal defense. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a stout defense and I make this recommendation of Attorney Flores without any reservations.

After negotiating with the D.A., for over a year, Mr. Flores was able to get me a plea agreement that I would have never imagined possible. They lowered my charges to simple assault and put me on probation, with no jail time. This was the greatest day of my life. After 3 years of probation my charges will be reduced even further. I’m very thankful for all the hard work and dedication Mr. Flores provided me. I can say with absolute confidence that he helped me not only in a legal perspective but psychological comforted me as well. I thank him for giving me my life back and have full confidence that he will do the same for anyone else he is representing.”Berkan K.

“Mr. Flores is outstanding, he is a rare find not only did he prove to be a great lawyer he is also a kind, considerate, caring, honest man. He was prompt in returning my calls and emails, he listened to me and he took care of legal needs. I had some trouble 10 years ago part of my problem was drug related, I found that most people treated me poorly once they knew drugs were involved, but not Mr. Flores. He gave me back my life, we went to court on a warrant that was clearly a mistake but the court was seeing me as guilty, Mr. Flores not only got my warrant withdrawn he also got my record expunged. I walked out of that court room with my head held high and him by my side. I didn’t even consider being expunged. You can’t imagine what having a criminal record had done to my life, I was looked at differently, treated poorly, couldn’t get good jobs, and even my children were criticized for their mother being a felon. All that is gone, I am a good person and now nobody has to doubt that, I am forever grateful to Mr. Flores and his office manager, Ruth. Both treated me with respect and dignity. Thank you Ed Flores!”Kendra D.

“This is to share our superb experienced hiring an attorney who have done an exceptional job handling my case with sincerity, knowledge and expertise. The outcome of my case is beyond what I and my family expected. When we met with him for a second opinion hoping that we should have met him in the first place and we are very confident that he can deliver the best for my case and putting our trust on him no doubt he truly turned my life around. He knows how to handle it both ways as a former prosecutor too and I did not feel being rushed to close my case with his diligence and dedication to get the best outcome. The outcome was that I will not serve jail time but instead, I have home confinement reduced to 6 months. That was a great deal for me and for my family it has been an ordeal in dealing with my case. Attorney, Flores gave me a chance to be free for jail and he did a miracle for me. He is good in his negotiation and being a former prosecutor and knowing the justice system really made a big difference. I highly recommend him as a trial lawyer he gives you his 101% performance with confidence. No doubt about it he is upfront and will tell you where your case stands and no nonsense when he gives you his opinion.”A Satisfied Client

“My consultation with Ed Flores required investigation at several levels to ascertain all relevant information. He performed admirably thinking of things that didn’t occur to me. He presented everything in detailed and honest way and advised me to forgo any action at this time., passing up an opportunity to enlist me as a client. I appreciate his advise and hold him in high regard. In the future I would not hesitate to hire him.”Ira

“Mr. Flores helped me out with my probation case. He dropped all felony charges to misdemeanors. Probation wanted to extend my probation for an additional 2 years; Mr. Flores terminated the additional time. I am now probation free and no felony convictions.

Overall, I am very content and satisfied with my outcome. I am very fortunate to have come across Ed. I truly recommend him. Thank you Ed for all you hard work.”A Satisfied Client

“Dear Prospective Clients of Edward Flores, Esq.:

I am a former California licensed professional who due to a pathology was compelled to relinquish my license and if you believe the press clippings was facing 13 years in state prison in an ensuing funding mishandling criminal case that was preceded by a related civil lawsuit.

I was blessed by entrusting both my civil and criminal cases to Mr. Flores who deftly resolved the civil lawsuit pursuant to a written settlement agreement that included a 30 year repayment schedule.

Mr. Flores topped his performance in the civil case by incredibly obtaining a 6 month sentence for me (in the face of a potential 6-13 year state prison sentence) in my criminal case which I served on an electronic ankle bracelet in an at “home arrest” context.

To top what he had miraculously already accomplished, Mr. Flores went the “extra mile” and obtained by separate written motion, an order modifying my original probation order which eliminated a 10% rate of interest imposed on the original ordered restitution amount that reduced my restitution burden by $190,000.

Lastly, Mr. Flores’ staff including Angelica, were extremely informative, helpful and pleasant to my family and I which alleviated a good degree of the stress, anxiety and uncertainty in dealing with the civil and criminal justice system.

Thank you Law Offices of Edward Flores.”A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Ed Flores. We came to him scared, concerned and without direction. We immediately felt confident that Ed would represent our son and that we would get the best outcome. Our son felt secure with Ed’s representation and took his advise to heart. The outcome was after everyone’s hard work our case was dismissed and sealed as if it never happened. Thank you Ed for your kindness and professionalism.”Lynn

“Edward was very professional with my case.Did the best possible to fight for me, was very pleased with the way he handled my case.Best recommend lawyer in my books.”A Satisfied Client

“I got a very strong sense in the beginning that Ed had at least several great qualities that I’ve already listed! Ed proved that he had those qualities by the end of my case! I’m a recovering Alcoholic that relapsed and ended up with both felonies and misdemeanors that could have put me in jail for quite a while! I felt confident with Ed after one meeting! He was professional, thorough, and diligent in doing what it took to get me a good deal without having to go to trial! I didn’t feel like I needed to stay on top of him to do a good job and I didn’t spend the money I could have to stay in close contact with him! I felt quite confident he would do his best and I felt that his best was going to be very good! He went above my expectations and I’m very grateful that I got lucky in finding him, that the felony was dropped, no required Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, no jail time beyond the initial time to get bailed out, no treatment center, and he met with people on about six occasions to discuss reducing my charges! I don’t take the time to write things like this unless they knock my socks off and he did that good of a job!”Pete

“Edward really care a bout you as as person, you are not just client , early on I planned to challenge the DA by going to trial, Edward advice me to the risk and financial obligation of going to trial, He recommended that a trial is the last resort and should presume the option of negotiating with DA , through his negotiation with DA, Edward was able to delivered the best out come I was hoping for , the case got dismissed , Edward always responsive to my E-mails and phone calls, he is a trustworthy lawyer.”Mutasem

“Ed was amazing. Knowledgeable, timely and very very precise. He handled my case. Quickly and efficiently.”Paul

“I previously hired my first attorney on this case, which screwed up badly. I had to fire him and search for a new attorney. That is where I was very fortunate to have found Mr. Flores. Mr. Flores was so kind and very knowledgeable in helping me with my case. He was always professional and always answered my questions. He explained the process every step of the way, I never felt lost in the entire case. I was recently stuck with a huge restitution balance of 38K, he was able to drop that down significantly to 13K. I truly recommend Ed Flores, I’m very content and grateful to him for all his hard dedicated work to my case. THANK YOU ED!”A Satisfied Client

“I am the wife of FF, first trial was hung jury second trial he was convicted but outcome came in our favor, my husband was looking at a minimum of 3-6 yrs, he was sentenced to 180 days of which he only served 45 days. I thank GOD every day for Mr Flores guidance and experience, he held our hand throughout the process and explained everything to our family. Our ordeal started Jan 2012 and we are currently dealing with classes and probation but nothing like the turmoil we experience in the beginning. I highly recommend Mr. Flores for he was our ANGEL. Look no further for a well experienced and professional lawyer for you have found him.”Lucy

“I’ve heard the jokes “Good lawyer knows the law, and great lawyer knows the Judges”. To me, Mr. Flores is not only good or great, but excellent/outstanding with his full knowledgeable capability to closely dig into your case for every single detail, stand on your side at the court. He cares about YOU (a client who needs real help not just promising). I struggled with 2 previous lawyers before I met him. I would recommend him to anyone who needs the right solutions for your case.”Dinh

“Ed provided us with no none sense & straight forward communication and followed through with what he said he would do. Ed prepared thoroughly for my case and went to battle along side me. He supported me and my family through this alien process and demonstrated great skill in the courtroom. We strongly recommend Ed for his integrity and sound legal knowledge. There is no way we can ever repay him for his work to help our family.”A Satisfied Client

“My First lawyer of Newport Beach, CA, screwed me, not to mention he is a drunk. My times he would show up to my hearings with the liquor coming out of his pores, even my brother leaned over and said “dude your lawyer is drunk.” Well after spending 4 months in jail and 3 years of formal probation, Ed Flores, not only was able to get me out of jail for a probation violation (I wasn’t suppose to be around minors, but the minor was my daughter), not only was he able to have the jugde rule in my favor to be around my daughter, but my girlfriend (which was my victim), live with me. I had another daughter and again I went to Ed Flores for a modification of the court oder to again allow me to be with my daughter. I got off probtion in January of 2012, and I went to him for the biggest life changing event of my life. I wanted my case dropped to a misdemeanor and expungement. On June 20, 2012, Ed Flores did what he said he was going to do. Ed Flores dropped my felony to a misdemeanor and expunged my record. Ed Flores was able to give me a piece of my life back, a piece that I’d been waiting for for a while. Now I can get on with my life. If you out there are in any kind of trouble and need a lawyer and your trying to find one; Ed Flores is your man!! He will give you your moneys worth and then some, happiness and freedom. I will always be indebted with Ed Flores, and if I every need a lawyer for anything, I will definitely with out thing about it, call on Ed Flores for help.

Mr. Flores, if you see and read this review, Thank you so much! You are a great man and an awesome lawyer!”Ulises

“We have issues with my daughter’s preschool( a private school), and that school send us an attorney’s letter for my negative reviews online. We talk to Mr.Flores about this case, he is knowledgeable, rational and a trustworthy professional which wins us great respect to him! As professional in other fields and parent to a three year old toddler, we totally agreed with Mr. Flores advice and appreciate his open mind communication, we recommend Mr.Flores to any person who have law related needs, he is a trustworthy lawyer.”Catherine

“Edward Flores is an amazing attorney. He is responsive to all of my emails/phone calls. He took the time to listen and understand my need. I was originally charged with felony vandalism with $400+ of damage and he ended up getting the case dismissed. It was a privilege to have Mr Flores as my attorney.”Eric

“Mr. Edward Flores is the #1 attorney in the world. He will address ALL of your concerns. If you are innocent of a false accusation, Mr. Flores will sure set you free. He will then continue any concerns you may have and surely demonstrate the truth so that a path towards justice is made even when you are set free! Trust him and look at his credentials. Who else has these?”A Satisfied Client

“Ed is a geat lawyer, he was able to get my criminal case totally dismissed.”Frank

“Mr. Flores was an outstanding lawyer. He was prompt to return calls, very knowledgeable, and determined to do all he could to help us get the resolution we deserved. We trust him and know he would do all he could to get to the truth. He kept us informed and was there when we needed to talk.”Craig

“Edward Flores is the nicest man I’ve ever met and he does a fantastic job. He made me feel like I was his first priority and kept me informed on everything. I would recommend him to anyone.”A Satisfied Client

“I was facing felony charges and I was terrified. Not only did Mr. Flores put my mind at ease with his expertise and confidence, he managed to get all of my charges dismissed. I could not have wished for a better outcome. My family and I are very grateful.”Daniel

“Ed Flores exhibits that rare quality of possessing legal acumen and empathy. I have had enough experience with attorneys to be able to distinguish between those attorneys who view their clients as monthly invoices and those who view their clients as human beings with legal and personal issues that need to be addressed. Regardless of the type of attorney one seeks, it’s important that s/he has a personal interest in his/her client. I don’t think I’ve ever had an attorney who possesses those qualities more than Ed Flores. I would recommend him unconditionally.”A Satisfied Client

“Edward Flores is, in my opinion, the best criminal defense attorney in Orange County. By working with the DA early on he was able to reduce my charge before it was even filed. This saved me from having the original arrest/charge on my record. He was honest, upfront and available throughout the entire process. Each time I discussed my case with Ed he was able to answer my questions clearly and in a way that alleviated my concerns. Throughout the process I felt like Ed was in my corner fighting for me. Not only did he help my family and me through a difficult time, he actually delivered the desired results in the end. He is truly a talented, dedicated defense attorney. I cannot recommend Edward Flores highly enough.”A Satisfied Client

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