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If you have sustained an avoidable injury on someone else’s property, due to their neglectful
security measures you might be wondering what your options are. This quick guide is designed
to help answer some of the most important questions you have when deciding to file a Negligent
Security Claim.

When do you need a Negligent Security Lawyer?

The simple answer is when you’ve been injured on a company’s property and said company
didn’t take the necessary security steps to prevent your injuries. Turning to a Negligent Security
Lawyer is often your best option when you want to hold a business accountable for your injuries.

This is especially true when those injuries have affected your quality of life.

The Flores Law Group will be able to explain your rights and your best recourse for holding the
company responsible for your injuries.

Which type of injuries can result from negligent security?

While the physical and emotional harm one can suffer from neglectful security can vary widely,
most of these incidents result from violence. Crimes like physical assault, muggings, rape, or
assault with a deadly weapon are the most common actions that result in injury due to improper
security measures.

The injuries that result from these types of crimes can often be serious and include, but are not
limited to:

● Head or spinal trauma- resulting from falls, being thrown into walls or objects, or
being struck with an item

● Broken or fractured bones- often caused by physical beatings

● Wounds requiring emergency medical treatment- these can come from being
shot, stabbed, or accosted by another deadly weapon.

Of course, other serious bodily harm can result from negligent security measures, which is why
it is best to consult the Flores Law Group to gain a better understanding of your rights.

How can you identify the parties responsible for your injuries?

Our attorneys will utilize their skill and knowledge when deciding which Premises Liability
Claims need to be filed. Finding the copyable parties can often be a difficult task requiring the
aid of a Negligent Security Lawyer to discover if your injuries are the result of multiple parties or
just a single at-fault party.

Some of the potential parties your lawyer will investigate include:

● The property owners themselves

● The properties manager

● The tenants of the property

● The security company

Of course, if your injuries were caused by another person’s actions or crime committed against
you, they are also liable for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be
entitled to financial retribution from your attacker. Again, your premises liability attorney will be
able to guide you in this situation.

What damages can I include in my Negligent Security Claims?

If you have been injured in an accident or a victim of a crime, you already have a lot on your
plate. You may not know where to begin when it comes to deciding what to include in your
negligent security claim. To help clear a few things up for you, here are the most common types
of damages you might be eligible to include in your claims.

● Loss of wages- This includes both current lost wages and wages you will lose out on in
the future because of your injury. You should not be expected to lose money while you
are trying to recover. Thus, you should include your lost wages in your negligent security

● Medical expenses- Medical bills can add up quickly, no matter how good your health
insurance may be. Co-payments, out-of-network medical specialists, high deductibles,
and other healthcare expenses will add up quickly. If you are incurring any out-of-pocket
medical costs, you should include these in your claim.

● Disability payments- Whether you require temporary or permanent disability payments
because of your injury, the responsible party or parties can be legally liable to ensure
you receive the necessary disability payments.

● Punitive damages– The courts can decide to award punitive damages when it is found
that the at-fault parties engaged in egregious actions or neglect. Be sure to discuss with
your attorney if your claim should include punitive damages.

Bear in mind that every case has its own unique circumstances, so it could be possible your
case may have additional damages that can be included in your claim. Your attorney will be
able to guide you through this process to ensure you get all of the damages you are entitled to.

What role do insurance companies play in negligent security cases?

It is not a big secret that insurance companies don’t want to pay claims out. Since insurance
companies are for-profit businesses, their main concern is to minimize their own costs to
maximize profits. Thus, insurance companies will work against you and look for ways they do
not have to pay your claim.

This is where our law firm will come into play. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will fight
on your behalf against the insurance company. And the Flores Law Group knows how to
navigate the tricks the insurance company will try to use to deny your claim.

The tactics an insurer may try to use to minimize or even deny your claim include:

● Blaming the victim- Victim blaming is one of the most common practices used by
insurance companies. By blaming the victim, they can try to put the fault of your injuries
back on you and then deny your claim.

● Blame other parties- An insurer may attempt to claim that the responsible party had no
idea an injury could befall people using their property or they may try to put the blame
onto another party entirely.

● Attempt to minimize your injury- An insurance company may try to say that your injuries
are not as bad as you claim or that your injuries actually occurred somewhere else.
The above items represent just a small handful of deceitful tactics insurance companies are
known for when it comes to avoiding paying out negligent security claims. So, when you find
yourself dealing with a difficult insurance company, you can turn to our firm to help you get the
insurer to pay out your claim.

The First Step Is Simple

If you have sustained a preventable injury due to a property owner’s negligent security efforts
you shouldn’t hesitate to seek legal help from our firm. We work diligently on your behalf to
ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about your

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Negligent Security Claim

What should I do if I receive a settlement offer from a property’s insurance company?

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that the insurance company doesn’t have your
best interest at heart and it’s their job to get you as little money as possible. So, our advice is to
not accept any offer from an insurance company without discussing it with a lawyer first.
Insurers will often try to trick you into taking a smaller sum of cash by offering a quick
settlement. They are hoping you will accept this lowball offer before you’ve had a chance to
consult an attorney or even know the full extent of your injuries.

Will I be able to sue the property for an assault even if the crime wasn’t officially

While it can be frustrating when prosecution cases aren’t filed against your attacker, the good
news is they are not necessary for you to file a lawsuit. Since criminal cases and negligent
security lawsuits are very different, you don’t need one to have the other.

What actions should I avoid after a negligent security accident so I don’t harm my case?

● Avoid posting about your accident on social media- Even if you think your profiles are
private, you should avoid posting details or commenting about your accident. You never
know what can be used against you. Additionally, don’t accept any new friend requests
from people you don’t know and we even recommend avoiding sending private
messages about your accident. And never engage with the company you are suing
online during your lawsuit.

● Follow all medical advice- You will need to follow all medical advice given to you by your
doctor. Failure to do so can be used against you during your suit.

● Never discuss your case with the insurance company- Again, the insurance company is
not your friend, no matter how caring their representative may come off. Their job is to
find anything they can use to minimize or deny your payout. Instead, refer the insurance
company to your attorney and never talk to them without your lawyer.

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