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If you are a bicyclist, you already know how dangerous riding a bicycle can be, especially
around city centers and streets. In fact, you are at a higher chance of experiencing a personal
injury on a bike than other modes of transportation due to the lack of protection for both you and
the bike. If you have been injured due to a bicycle accident, you must know you have rights.

With the help of Flores Law Group, our team of professionals will get you the compensation you
deserve from those responsible for your bicycle accident.

If you want to learn more about personal injury claims involving bicycle accidents or any other
personal injury cases we cover, please contact us today.

Understanding the Dangers of Bicycle Riding

You may be surprised that bicycles make up just 1% of all trips in the United States. However,
despite this low percentage, bicycle accidents account for a massive chunk of personal injuries
in transportation. This is because a person is far less protected on a bike than they are in a car
or other modes of transportation.

Additionally, bicyclists are at a much higher risk of personal injury when riding in a city center or
near busy roads. This is due to the high traffic in these areas but also because motor vehicle
drivers have a hard time registering bicycles on the road in the same way they would a motor
vehicle. Failing to register a bicycle could seriously put you as a bicyclist at risk. For example, If
you are riding through an intersection while you have the right-of-way, a motor vehicle driver
may not register that you are crossing as they turn right on a red light.

While some of these bicycle accidents lead to non-severe personal injuries, it is still very
common for bicycle accidents to require medical attention and recovery times. For example, the
National Safety Council found that nearly one-third of all non-fatal accidents resulted in head
injuries. Head injuries are one of the most harmful injuries one can receive from an accident.

Due to the danger of bicycle accidents, having a top-notch personal injury law firm by your side
only makes sense. At Flores Law Group, your safety and well-being come first in everything we
do. We know firsthand the dangers of bicycle accidents, so we do everything in our power to
ensure the liable parties are found, and you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Injuries that May Occur from a Bicycle Accident

We already discussed above that bicycle accidents may lead to personal injuries, including
head damage. However, due to the unprotected nature of riding a bike, there are many other
personal injuries you may experience from a bicycle accident. Some of these injuries may be
minor, like cuts or bruises, while others may be more severe, like a traumatic brain injury or a
spinal cord injury. Here is a list of some of the most common injuries we see from bicycle

● Cuts

● Bruises

● Sprains

● Soft tissue damage

● Broken bones

● Internal injuries and bleeding

● Amputation

● Traumatic brain injuries

● Spinal cord injuries

● Nerve damage

● Road rash

● Scars and other disfigurements

● Coma

● Death

With such a high possibility of personal injuries due to a bicycle accident, you need someone in
your corner. At Flores Law Group, we know personal injury law backward and forward. We
know exactly how to get you the most compensation for your personal injury claim. We know
that getting in a bicycle accident can leave you injured, but it can also lead you into financial
hardship. We believe that the only thing you need to worry about after a bicycle accident is
getting healthy again. Let us take over by hunting down those responsible for the accident and
making sure you receive the compensation you are owed.

How to Receive Compensation for a Bicycle Accident

Compensation for a personal injury from a bicycle accident is not as cut and dry as other
personal injury claims. In California, all motorists must have minimum insurance coverage for
personal injury of $15,000.00 per person and $30,000.00 per accident and an additional
minimum of $5,000.00 for property damage. As a word of caution, Flores Law Group counsels
all of its clients to self insure with underinsured and uninsured motorist protection. Please see
your carrier about this as soon as possible to protect yourself from these low minimum limits.
The law states that if you experienced a personal injury due to a bicycle accident, you are
allowed to file a personal injury claim to go above the minimum owed, but only in certain

One of these circumstances is the severity of the damage done to you. For example, you can
file a personal injury claim if you experienced fractured bones, permanent disability of a body
organ or extremity, severe disfigurement, profound limitation to function in a normal capacity,
and experiencing a total disability for over 90 days.

Next, you will also need to prove that the at-fault party’s negligence played a considerable role
in your bicycle accident. Negligence can come from many different sources in a bicycle
accident. For example, motorists owe a duty of care to follow traffic laws and keep a vigilant eye
on other drivers and bicyclists. Failing in this duty of care can show negligence on their part.
Additionally, if your bike malfunctioned due to a faulty part, the bike manufacturer would be
considered negligent, and you could pursue compensation due to a bicycle accident. Also, if the
part became faulty after getting your bike serviced, the bike repair shop could hold some

Bicycle Accidents FAQ

In the Event of a Bicycle Accident, Do I Really Need a Personal Injury

Yes, you always need a lawyer to look after your best interests. You have enough to worry
about after a bicycle accident getting the compensation you deserve should not be one of them.
First, a lawyer will help you understand your rights and show you ways to pursue damages you
wouldn’t have known on your own.

Next, a personal injury attorney can negotiate with insurance companies and help lay on the
pressure resulting in higher compensation for you. Insurance companies often make the
process confusing, but a highly trained personal injury attorney knows how to cut through the
red tape and get you the justice you deserve.

Furthermore, attorneys can help you gather the proper paperwork and evidence for your
personal injury claim. Insurance companies demand a lot, and it can be overwhelming. At Flores
Law Group, we have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know precisely
what they seek, leading to a much smoother personal injury claim process.

Finally, a professional personal injury attorney will help you assess how your personal injury will
impact the rest of your life. After going through a bicycle accident, you may only realize some of
the work and money needed to go into your recovery. A personal injury attorney will show you the road to recovery so you can adequately assess the compensation required to live a healthy

How Much Will You Charge for a Personal Injury Claim Involving a Bicycle

The real question should be, “Is it more expensive to hire a personal injury attorney than doing it
on my own”? And the answer to that is a resounding NO. Your experienced personal injury
attorney will get you more money, with less cost, resulting in a higher net gain to you. The good
news is that here at Flores Law Group, we have zero upfront costs! Every personal injury claim
journey begins with a free consultation so we can paint a picture of what kind of settlement you
can expect. When your case concludes, and only if we win, we take a percentage of the total
recovery and reimburse our costs. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. This is called a contingent fee
arrangement and is specifically designed to help people who do not have the money, time, and
resources to fight the giant insurance companies and corporations.

A Family Member Died as a Result of a Bicycle Accident. Do I have a Legal
Right to File?

The short answer is yes; you may be able to pursue damages from the at-fault party. These
types of claims are not called personal injury claims but instead are called wrongful death suits.
A wrongful death suit asserts that your life was severely negatively impacted by the death of a
family member in a bicycle accident. Normally we see parents, children, and spouses file
wrongful death suits.

Here is a list of damages you could get compensation for due to a family member’s death due to
a bicycle accident.

● Any medical expenses leading to the death
● The level of support you received from the deceased
● The loss of guidance and protection you received from your lost family member
● Any emotional or physical pain you experienced after the death

On Our First Meeting, Should I Bring Anything?

Yes, the more information we have to start with, the sooner we can file your personal injury
claim and the sooner we can get you compensation. We recommend you bring any notes or
evidence regarding the accident. This evidence can include your notes, pictures of the accident,
pictures of your injuries, the crash report from law enforcement, surveillance footage, medical
records, and eyewitness accounts.

Picking the Right Bicycle Accident Attorneys

At Flores Law Group, we strive to get you what you are owed, no matter who is at fault. Our
team has the expertise to navigate even the most complicated bicycle accidents. We also
believe in having a personal relationship with our clients and ensuring you feel heard and
understood while going through something traumatic like a bicycle accident. If you would like to
learn more about how we can help you file a personal injury claim for bicycle accidents or
several different accidents, please contact us today!

Edward R. Flores, Esq.

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