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Participating in sports is a favorite pastime in the United States. From kid's Little League to
middle school and high school JV and varsity sports, to Intramural leagues, amateur leagues,
and even the professional leagues, we love our sports.

In addition to all of the levels of sports participation, there is a wide variety of sports one may
enjoy. Including but not limited to basketball, baseball, soccer, pickleball, football, swimming,
tennis, hockey, gymnastics, golf, track and field, racquetball, and many, many more.

While we may love participating and even watching sports, these activities are not without their
dangers. Many physical sports indeed come with inherent risks of being injured. However, some
injuries are preventable and can result in your right to seek legal compensation.

If you or your loved one has been hurt while participating in a sporting event with an injury that
was caused by someone else’s actions or someone’s negligence, then it is time to seek
assistance from the experts at our law firm today.

The Most Common Causes of Sports Injuries Our Law Firm Handles

There is no shortage of different types of sports injuries that might occur when participating in
any sports activity. Some injuries are minor and require a Band-Aid or even an ice pack.

However, other injuries are more catastrophic and require surgery and rehabilitation or might
result in the inability to play sports ever again. Below are some of the most common causes of
sports-related injuries our expert team handles regularly.

● Player injuries resulting from the coaching staff failing to follow safety protocol when
preventing concussions and other head injuries.

● Injuries that are caused to young children or teenagers in leagues with unsafe coaching
practices. Some examples include coaching staff not providing the proper safety
equipment, coaching staff not providing adequate hydration stations leading to heat
stroke or other negligible practices that lead to youth injury.

● Athletes suffering injuries due to known hazardous conditions at the facility or with
equipment that the staff has not fixed.

● Injuries sustained by athletes who were pressured into taking performance-enhancing

● Athletes' injuries that are caused by failures of the officiant and coaching staff to follow
safety rules and protocols in place to protect performers.

These are the most common incidents that lead to injuries in the sporting industry. However,
other actions can lead to athletes being harmed long-term. So, if you or a loved one are suffering from a sports-related injury, contact us at our law firm today to discuss the details of
your case.

Common Types of Sports-Related Injuries Our Valued Clients Tend to
Suffer From

While the above-listed scenarios are what can cause a sports-related injury, listed below are the
types of injuries our expert legal team is experienced in working with. These include but are not
limited to:

● Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can result in long rehabilitation processes and
painful surgeries, while other spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis or loss of
sensation and bodily function in some athletes

● Head or traumatic brain injuries: concussions and other head trauma are common
injuries in the sporting world. While some people may laugh off a concussion as a right
of passage, repeated head injuries can have long-term side effects. Some side effects
lead to chronic head pain, diminished cognitive ability, and even premature death.

● Orthopedic injuries: Orthopedic injuries are another common type of sports-related
injury. These include tears in the ACL and MCL and other orthopedic damage. Some of
these orthopedic damages have long-term side effects and require ongoing

● Injuries caused by dehydration: Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration are all too
common injuries found in the sporting world. These injuries are easily preventable by
following good hydration practices and taking the necessary breaks.

● Broken bones and fractures: Along with orthopedic injuries, broken bones can require a
long rehabilitation period.

● Severe lacerations and other traumatic injuries: Traumatic injuries and deep cuts can be
caused by rough contact sports, improper use of defective equipment, and other on-the-
field accidents.

● Performance-enhancing drugs health complications: Performance-enhancing drugs are
an all too common story in the world of sports. Often, athletes feel pressured to take
these supplements to perform better than others. Tragically, many of these performance-
enhancing drugs have long-term health complications.

Again, these are just a few examples of the injuries you might suffer as an athlete in California.

Many of these injuries are preventable if league owners, coaches, officials, and other parties
take the appropriate safety precautions.

How Our Law Firm Helps Athletes With Their Sports-Related Injuries

If you or your loved one has suffered from a sports-related injury, you may be wondering if you
have any recourse at all. Frequently, you must sign waivers to participate in the sport, so is
there really anything you can do?

Yes, it is true you would have likely signed a waiver; however, if your injury was caused by
negligence or purposeful actions by those in charge, you can still be entitled to financial

Our law firm will assist you with the following:

Identifying the legally liable party for your sports-related injury.

The sports world has many moving parts, and if you’ve been injured, you may not know who is
truly to blame. That is where we come in. We will investigate your case and help you identify the
liable party or parties to be targeted.

Often, the guilty parties are one or more of the following: officials, coaches, and other adults
involved in youth sports leagues responsible for young athletes' safety. In professional sports,
employers of the coaches, officials, and others may be responsible. Additionally, owners of the
athletic facility or sporting team can be held liable for hazardous conditions. If you were harmed
by faulty equipment, the manufacturer and product producer can be held accountable. If medical
staff fail to diagnose or treat your sports-related injury, they may also be liable. And finally,
anyone who prescribed or forced you to take performance-enhancing drugs is also financially
responsible in your case.

If, in our investigation, we discover other parties at fault for your injury, we will advise you on
how to move forward.

Going After the Right Damages for Your Sports-Related Injury.

Depending on the specifics of your injury and your case, you may be entitled to various
damages. Our team will advise you on how to move forward, but listed below are some of the
most common damages sought in sports injury cases.

● Past, present, and future medical expenses related to your sports injury

● Non-medical expenses incurred because of your injury

● Loss of income if your injury has prevented you from working or participating in the
sports or activities that you are paid for

● Pain and suffering can include mental anguish, diminished quality of life, and inability to
participate in the sport you love

● It may also be possible to seek punitive damages and legal costs

So, if you or your loved one has been severely injured while participating in athletic events, you
may be entitled to financial compensation. Reach out to the experts at our law firm to discuss
the specifics of your case, and will advise you on how to move forward.

Other Frequently Asked Questions Involving Sports Injury Cases

If I am an NCAA college athlete, will insurance cover my injuries?

Honestly, it can be difficult to tell without reviewing the specifics of your case. There is a decent
chance that at least a portion of your financial cost related to your injury can be covered by
insurance; however, other damages may not be covered under said insurance. It is best to
consult us at our law firm to see if there is money being left on the table.

If I have a concussion, is that a sports-related injury that I could sue for?

If you received a concussion while playing a sport, you may be able to sue if one of the following
conditions are met:

Your concussion was caused by someone else’s reckless actions. Your coaches, trainers, or
other game officials failed to follow safety concussion protocols. Or the athletic league or school
could not develop safety protocols to prevent concussions and other head injuries or failed to
train their staff on how to prevent concussions.

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