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I Am Charged For Theft, Should I Hire Tustin, CA Theft Attorney Edward R. Flores?

Being charged with theft in Tustin, CA is a serious crime. California prosecutors can be strict when it comes to prosecuting alleged thefts. A conviction could lead to prison time and an expensive fine, but it would tarnish your reputation, ability to get a job, or affect your well-being.

If you find yourself charged with grand or petty theft. Edward R. Flores will fight for you. Using his extensive experience, he will work towards securing a favorable outcome to your case. Our skilled grand theft lawyer and petty theft lawyer will be able to defend you from prosecution.

Our grand theft defense lawyer and petty theft lawyer at Flores Law Group have been successfully defending clients accused of both petty and grand theft for more than 25 years. Our extensive knowledge of theft defense will give you an advantage in the Tustin, CA court system. Call (714) 769-1200 to schedule your initial consultation.

What Is The Difference Between Grand And Petty Theft?

In 2014, Proposition 47 established the clear distinction between what constitutes petty or grand theft. When the value of property is below $950 it is considered petty theft, and when over $950 it is grand theft. Before Prop 47, you could have been charged with grand theft if you stole a car, a firearm, certain types of animals, or property directly off the owner like clothing. Currently, theft of property under $950 will only be charged as grand theft if you have one or more of the following prior convictions

Grand theft could occur by using any of the following tactics:

While petty theft and grand theft charges are serious charges, the punishments associated with grand theft are significantly worse. Don’t let a small mistake change your whole life. Potential penalties could include jail time, a lifelong criminal record, employment issues, fines, or travel freedoms.

What Are The Best Defenses For Grand And Petty Theft?

Based on our experience, the best defenses for grand and petty theft are

Lack of Intent

The prosecution has to prove that you intended to steal the property. Mistakes can be attributed to absent-mindedness, lack of concentration, or taking medication.

Claim of Right

If you believed that there was a reasonable possibility that the property belonged to you (even if you were mistaken), you could use this defense. However, if the property is not obtained from illegal activity or you did not conceal the you took the property, then this defense would not be an option.

False Accusation

There is a higher frequency of false accusations of theft against individuals than most people realize. This may happen if someone has a personal grudge/vendetta against you. We would gather evidence to prove that you were falsely accused.

Consent Was Given

If the owner of the property in question gave you permission to take and use the property within the scope of consent, we have a strong case against the charges.

When you need a grand theft lawyer or petty theft defense lawyer in Tustin, CA and surrounding counties, consult with the best. Contact Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation and let Ed get to work immediately to protect you and your interests. Ed treats every client like family and is proud to serve the Tustin, CA community.

Edward R. Flores, Esq.

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