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Spending time at a hotel or resort is often the best part of any vacation or overnight trip. These
businesses also make up a large portion of the local economy as they provide hundreds if not
thousands of jobs and draw tourists and other travelers to the area.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, even at the highest-rated establishments. Sometimes,
these accidents are minor and require nothing more than a band-aid or ice pack. However,
other accidents may require serious medical attention or worse.

When someone is a victim of one of these larger accidents, they are entitled to financial
compensation. That is where our law firm steps in.

Our law firm is here to represent the community members and visitors of California. If you or a
loved one suffered at the hands of a negligent hotel or resort and sustained a preventable injury,
contact our team to learn more about your rights.

Some of the Frequent Hotel or Resort Accidents Our Team Handles

The list of preventable hotel or resort accidents is long, and these injuries can happen on or
even around the premises of the business. And while we handle just about all types of injury
cases, some of the most common we see include:

● Slips and falls: Unsafe conditions like wet floors, damaged walkways or carpeting, loose
handrails, improperly maintained stairs, cleaning items or other supplies left unattended,
etc., can lead someone to fall and become injured.

● Accidents in or around the pool or other bodies of water: Pools and other water
attractions are very popular at hotels and resorts, but they are not without their dangers.
Drownings and other life-threatening incidences can occur due to a business's

● Accidents on or around resort-owned vehicles: Some hotels and resorts have golf carts,
boats, or other recreational vehicles that visitors or employees can be injured on or by.

● Violent crimes: Sometimes hotels and resorts can attract some unwanted attention, and
guests or team members might become a victim of an assault or other violent crime due
to neglectful security measures.

● Food poisoning- food-borne illness can make people extremely ill due to improperly
handled food and beverage items.

● Injuries caused by defective equipment: When recreational equipment is defective or not
properly maintained, it becomes a major safety hazard.

Again, these are just a handful of examples of hotel or resort-related accidents our law firm

Types of Injuries That Might Result at a California Hotel or Resort

Like the varied types of accidents that can take place at a local hotel or resort, the list of
potential injuries is seemingly endless as well. While some of these injuries are not so severe,
others can be catastrophic or even potentially life-threatening.

Our law firm has a long history of successfully helping the victims of these injuries receive the
compensation they deserve. Some of the most frequent injury cases our team encounters

● Broken bones

● Dislocated joints

● Torn ligaments

● Other orthopedic injuries

● Fracture or other spinal cord injuries

● Serious illnesses

● Traumatic brain injuries or TBI

● Burns

● Cuts or lacerations

Of course, this is not a complete list, but it provides a broad idea of the types of injuries our law
firm can handle.

How Our Law Firm Discovers Who Is Legally Liable for Your Injury

A key aspect of any successful liability case our law firm takes on is uncovering the party or
parties responsible for the accident in the first place. Our team of personal injury lawyers will
work hard to thoroughly investigate your accident to ensure the right people or companies are
being held responsible.

Who Might Be Held Culpable

Every accident is different, but once our law firm team completes their investigation, they might
have concluded one or more of the following are liable for your injuries.

● The hotel or resort property owner: If the conditions of the property itself led to your
accident, then the property owner should be held responsible.

● A third-party employee or service: If you take a tour or use a service offered at the resort
by a third-party service, then that service can be held liable.

● Another guest: If another hotel visitor’s actions or carelessness causes your injury, then
they are responsible.

● Your assailant: If you are a victim of an assault or violent crime, then the perpetrator is
absolutely legally responsible for your injuries.

● The employee or employees: When the negligent actions of a hotel or resort staff are the
reason for your accident, then they can be named in your suit.

● A manufacturer: If you are harmed by a faulty piece of equipment, then the manufacturer
of said equipment can be liable.

● Insurance companies: If you have traveler's insurance or you are a hotel employee and
seeking help from workers' compensation insurance, the insurance company may be
named in your case.

Types of Damages You Can Seek After a Hotel or Resort Accident

After you suffer an injury at a California hotel or resort, you may wonder what type of damages
you could be entitled to. The experts at our law firm will assist you in getting the maximum
amount of compensation you deserve.

Some of the most common damages victims of a hotel accident seek include:

● Medical bills

● Insurance deductibles

● Lost wages caused by long recovery periods

● Other expenses that might incurred due to your injuries or recovery

● Pain and suffering damages

● Punitive damages

If you are an employee at the hotel or resort and your injury happened while on the job, there
are often other damages you may be entitled to, like

● Short-term or long-term disability payments

● Death benefits for the family if the on-the-job accident is fatal
Contact the personal injury lawyers at our law firm today to discuss your case with an expert.

Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hotel and Resort Accidents
in California

How Much is My Hotel or Resort Injury Case Worth?

Every injury case is different and can have a vastly different compensation value. Your attorney
will be able to advise you on your specific case, but some factors that might affect the overall
compensation include:

● The type and severity of your injury.

● Your medical and rehabilitation costs.

● The amount of lost wages you face.

● The amount of money the liable party has available to pay you.

Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer if I Was Injured While Working at a
Californian Hotel or Resort?

The sad truth is that no matter how long you have worked for a company, their number one goal
is to protect themselves and their own profits.

The hotel you are employed at might have a fun, family-like atmosphere, but when it comes to
caring for your needs after an on-the-job injury, it is unlikely your employer will actually have
your back. No matter what they say.

A personal injury lawyer will work to ensure you get the money you need and are entitled to
after a workplace injury.

If the Hotel or Resort Offers to Comp My Room or Other Perks to “Make” Things Right,
Should I Accept?

You should never agree to or accept anything from the hotel until you consult your hotel and
resort accident lawyer. The hotel is trying to get you to settle for as little as possible, and a free
room is a pretty sweet deal for the hotel.

Do not agree to anything, and never, ever sign anything without speaking to your lawyer first!

Edward R. Flores, Esq.

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