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Enduring a burn injury can be an exceptionally distressing experience. Such injuries can lead to
long-lasting complications, including scarring, disfigurement, potentially life-threatening
infections, and other detrimental effects. Within our community, numerous individuals face the
aftermath of burn injuries caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of others.

If you went through the misfortune of experiencing a burn injury, you have every right to file a
personal injury claim and make those responsible pay you compensation for all the pain and
suffering you experienced.

At Flores Law Group, we know how life-changing a burn injury can be. We also know that most
burn wounds in America happen due to the negligence of others. Our team will help you track
down all the parties responsible for your burn injury and ensure they give you every cent they

If you want to learn more about personal injury claims involving burn injuries, please contact the
professionalists at Flores Law Group today and learn how we can help you!

Everything You Need to Know About Burn Injuries

A burn occurs when the skin is damaged by exposure to fire, steam, heated metal, or harmful
chemicals. Although many burns can heal without medical intervention within a few days, there
are cases where they can lead to significant and life-altering complications and, in severe
instances, even death. The treatment approach for a burn injury depends on both the severity of
the burn and its underlying cause.

Burn injuries are the fourth leading cause of accidental death among children and adults in the
United States. Certain individuals face a higher risk of experiencing burn injuries, including
young children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities.

While not all burns necessitate medical treatment, seeking immediate medical attention for a
burn injury is crucial. Seeking immediate medical care not only helps you treat your injuries, but
when it comes time to file your personal injury claim, having medical records proving that you
were injured will prove vital when seeking more compensation. Here are some examples of burn
injuries that require immediate medical attention.

● Burns that affect the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, or significant joints, or those that
cover a considerable portion of the body.

● Deep burns that extend through all layers of the skin or penetrate deeper tissues.

● Burns that cause the skin to appear leathery in texture.
● Burns display a charred appearance with black, brown, or white.

● Burns caused by dangerous chemicals or electrical sources.

● Burns that involve the airway or lead to breathing difficulties.

No matter how severe your burn injuries are, you need to seek the services of a personal injury
law firm. At Flores Law Group, we want you to focus more time on healing from a burn and less
time worrying about medical bills. That is why our team will stop at nothing to ensure that every
expense you have due to your burn injury is covered.

The Most Common Burn Injuries We See at Flores Law Group

Burns are much more complicated than most people think. There are several different types of
burn injuries. Some burn injuries can have a minimal effect on your health, while others can be
fatal. Here is a list of some of the most common burn injuries we see at Flores Law Group.

● Thermal Burns – These burns occur due to exposure to heat sources such as fire, hot
surfaces or objects, scalding liquids, or steam. Thermal burns are some of the most
common burns in America.

● Electrical Burns: Contact with an electrical source can lead to electrical burns, which can
cause extensive tissue damage. Electrical burns have some of the higher chances of
having long-lasting effects.

● Radiation Burns: Exposure to radiation, including sunlight (sunburn), tanning beds, X-
rays, or radiation therapy for cancer, can result in radiation burns.

● Chemical Burns: Contact with acids, solvents, or detergents can cause chemical burns
on the skin.

● Friction Burns: Friction burns occur when the skin rubs against a rough surface, such as
in motorcycle or bicycle accidents where the skin makes contact with the road, resulting
in abrasions known as road rash.

● Cold Burns: Extremely low temperatures can also cause burns, known as frostbite,
which damage the skin and underlying tissues.

On top of the different types of burn injuries, there are also levels of severity for each burn
injury. These levels of severity will greatly determine if you need medical care and if you will
have long-lasting effects like disfigurement for the rest of your life. Here are the different levels
of burn injury severity and what they mean.

First, there are superficial or first-degree burns. These are the most minor significant burns,
affecting only the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Symptoms include redness and
pain, but they usually do not blister, scar, or increase the risk of infection. Superficial burns can
be treated at home and typically heal within 3-5 days.

Next, we have the partial thickness or second-degree burns. These burns damage both the
epidermis and the layer beneath it called the dermis. They are characterized by pain, redness,
swelling, and the formation of blisters. Second-degree burns usually do not scar unless they
become infected and progress deeper. Proper treatment can aid healing.

Thirdly, there are full-thickness or third-degree burns. Third-degree burns extend through the
epidermis and dermis and may reach the fatty layer beneath. The burned area may appear
charred and be black, white, or red. Third-degree burns often result in numbness due to
damage to nerve endings. They typically require medical intervention as they cannot heal on
their own. Scarring is likely, and skin graft surgeries are often necessary for repair.

Finally, fourth-degree burns are the most severe level of burn. It affects not only the layers of
skin and fat but also underlying structures like muscles, tendons, and bones. Fourth-degree
burns cause extensive damage and require immediate medical attention.

No matter what burn you have, you deserve to be treated with respect, and you still have the
legal right to seek compensation from those at fault. At Flores Law Group, we pride ourselves
on having a personal relationship with everyone we represent. We understand that a burn injury
can change your life, and we want to ensure you are appropriately compensated for that life

How Medical Professionals Analyze Your Burn

Much goes into how much compensation you can expect from a burn injury claim. One of the
most prominent aspects is the burn’s severity level. Understanding how medical professionals
analyze your burn will help you know if the doctor or nurse correctly identified the severity of
your burn. Most medical professionals determine the severity of the burn by analyzing the total
body surface area or TBSA that experienced a burn. They use something called “the rule of 9.”

Here is how “the rule of 9” works.

● The head and neck region accounts for approximately 9 percent of the total body surface

● Each arm is equivalent to about 9 percent of the TBSA.

● Each leg represents approximately 18 percent of the TBSA.

● The front portion of the trunk (anterior) is about 18 percent of the TBSA.

● The back portion of the trunk (posterior) is approximately 18 percent of the TBSA.

● A tiny burned area, comparable in size to the palm of your hand, is estimated to be 1
percent of the TBSA.

The rule of nines is designed explicitly for assessing burns on adult bodies and may not provide
accurate results when used to determine the extent of burns on children. Children have different
body proportions, making the formula unreliable in such cases.

In addition to considering the rule of nines, the burn evaluation process for both adults and
children may include an ABCDE exam. This is what goes into the ABCDE exam.

Breathing – The healthcare provider will assess your breathing condition, taking into account
symptoms such as coughing, rasping, or wheezing. This examination often involves the use of a
stethoscope to listen to your lung sounds.

Airways – The evaluation will focus on any potential blockages or obstructions in the airway
caused by exposure to flames, smoke, or caustic chemicals, which can impede normal

Neurological function – The healthcare provider will check for any brain damage or impairment
signs. Tests will be conducted to evaluate your responsiveness to verbal and physical

Exposure – The medical provider will carefully cleanse the affected area to remove any
remaining chemicals or substances that may have caused the burn. The injury will then be
dressed in sterile gauze. Your body temperature will be regularly monitored, and appropriate
fluids and warm blankets will be provided as necessary.

Circulation – Your heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored to assess your circulation. In
some cases, intravenous fluids may be administered to prevent fluid loss after a burn injury.

Long-Lasting Effects of Burn Injuries

Even after you get treated for your burn injury, your trouble just might be getting started. In fact,
many burn injuries lead to complications that could last your entire life. If you experience
complications due to your burn injury, you may receive more compensation in your personal
injury claim. Here are some of the most common effects and complications of a burn injury.

● Sepsis – A bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream.

● Hypovolemia – Fluid loss leading to low blood volume.

● Hypothermia – Dangerously low body temperature.

● Respiratory issues – Caused by inhaling hot air, steam, or smoke.

● Keloids – Abnormal growths of scar tissue that result in raised areas on the skin.

● Contractures – Problems in the bones and joints due to the shortening or tightening of
skin, muscles, or tendons caused by scar tissue.

The Compensation You Will Receive After a Burn Injury

If you experienced a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have legal rights to
pursue compensation in court by filing a personal injury claim. At Flores Law Group, we handle
all the heavy lifting of your personal injury claim. We find those responsible for the burn injury,
we research your case, and we represent you at every step of the process. At the end of the
day, we will always get you the compensation that you deserve.

Here is how we try to prove that your burn injury was the fault of a negligent party.

● The responsible party had a legal obligation to exercise a duty of care. This duty of care
is determined by how a reasonable person would act in similar circumstances.

● The responsible party breached their duty of care by engaging in actions that deviated
from what a reasonable person would do in that situation.

● The breach of duty of care directly caused the accident, resulting in your injuries and
subsequent financial and emotional consequences.

Once we have proven who is the responsible party, we can then demand compensation for your
pain and suffering. Here are some of the most common things we will seek compensation for
during your personal injury claim.

● Medical expenses cover treatment received at the accident scene, emergency
department visits, ambulance or air transportation, diagnostic tests, physician
consultations, surgical procedures, prescription medications, hospital stays, and physical
therapy or rehabilitation services.

● Property damage encompasses the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property
(e.g., a motorcycle) that was involved in the accident, causing the burn injury.

● Lost wages resulting from an inability to work due to the severity of the injury or missed
work for attending medical appointments related to the injury.

● Loss of future earning capacity if the burn injury leads to a permanent disability,
preventing the individual from working or earning the same income as before the

Picking the Right Burn Injury Attorneys

At Flores Law Group, we strive to get you what you are owed, no matter who is at fault. Our
team has the expertise to navigate even the most complicated burn injury claim. We also
believe in having a personal relationship with our clients and ensuring you feel heard and
understood while going through something traumatic like a burn injury claim.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you file a personal injury claim after a
burn injury or several different accidents, please contact us today!

Edward R. Flores, Esq.

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