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Do I Need A Vehicle Offenses Lawyer For My Traffic Violation?

Having a Tustin, CA vehicle offense defense lawyer can be the difference between receiving the maximum penalty or getting your violation dismissed. Hiring an accomplished lawyer like Edward R. Flores will be able to save money and future headaches from your case. Paying for your violation may seem like the path of least resistance, but it could have a future financial impact like points on your license or insurance rate increases.

If you are unsure about your potential options contact the Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation to see what the best course of action is. Our vehicle offenses lawyer has been successfully defending clients accused of traffic violations for more than 25 years. Our extensive knowledge of theft defense will give you an advantage in the Tustin, CA court system. Call (714) 769-1200 to schedule your initial consultation.

How Can I Be Charged For Vehicle Offenses?

Violating the California Vehicle will result in a traffic violation. Common types of vehicle offenses include:

Traffic violations are considered infractions, which are punishable by fines not exceeding $250. While that may seem like the easiest way to resolve your infraction, paying the fine could add points to your driving record and increase the cost of insurance.

Traffic violations of a more serious nature like DUI, driving with a suspended license, or speed racing result in higher fines, probation, and depending on the severity of the charge; jail time. Additionally, these infractions will be added to your permanent criminal record.

Will Getting A Traffic Violation Mean My License Is Suspended?

In Tustin, CA minor traffic violations will result in one point added to your license.

Serious offenses listed below could result in two points being added to your license.

You may think that getting a point here and there is no big deal. You have to be careful because they can add up fast and stay on your record for years. If you received enough points on your license, that could lead to suspension.

With time, points on your license eventually go away. But if you need to remove those points before their expiration date, you can take advantage of driving school.

When you need a vehicle offenses lawyer in Tustin, CA, and surrounding counties, consult with the best. Contact Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation, and let Ed get to work immediately to protect you and your interests. Ed treats every client like family and is proud to serve the Tustin, CA community.

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