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Client & Case Overview:

A young man with an extremely urgent criminal matter reached out to our firm. He had recently been charged with rape in the Los Angeles area and the District Attorney (DA) was pushing for him to plead guilty right away, which would have sent him to prison. The DA was not budging and this unacceptable offer was the only one on the table.

Case Review / Objectives:

After reviewing the details with our client, the Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation went to work immediately, confident that we could change the trajectory of his case. We communicated to the DA’s office that we would not accept any jail time for our client, nor would we even accept a rape charge. We stressed that our client was innocent of this serious charge and the idea of him serving time or spending the rest of his life on the sex offender registry was totally unacceptable.

The Process & Outcome:

We dug into the case and began preparing for trial. Our office continued to put pressure upon the DA and in the last week of our preparation for trial, the DA folded and dismissed all charges and the case against our client.

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