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Flores Law Offers Criminal Defense Services To Riverside County, California

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Flores Law Group, APC is pleased to offer its services as a top criminal defense law firm in Riverside County, CA. For years our firm has been a trusted source of representation and counsel for individuals facing criminal charges and convictions.

We are proud to extend the highest standards of professionalism and legal advocacy to clients throughout each of our practice areas.

Burglary Crimes

With equal focus on felony and misdemeanor charges, our firm is prepared to represent you in whatever situation you may find yourself in. Whether a burglary is charged as a first-degree or second-degree offense will be entirely dependent on all of the specific factors present in each case. Our attorneys are highly experienced in representing these cases and have handled hundreds of these matters throughout the course of our practice.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice cases are particularly sensitive and important. The penalties given to a young person can change the course of their entire lives. Very often, minors who find themselves charged with criminal offenses are in particular need of thoughtful and expert legal counsel to secure protection of their rights under the law and fair execution of justice.

Before starting his practice, founding member of Flores Law Group, Edward R. Flores worked as a prosecuting attorney for serious juvenile offenses. He is uniquely apprised of the policies, judges, and prosecutors connected to these cases. This experience provides Mr. Flores with an unprecedented ability to provide expert representation in his work with young people.

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Computer Crimes

While the average person may consider computer crimes to exist in the world of hacking and viruses, the growth of tech in our lives has caused the laws that govern criminal activity to grow with it. This growth has resulted in legislation that addresses issues such as “Cyber-Bullying” and “Revenge Porn”.

Because many of these cases comprise of computer-related crimes that involve issues related to other areas of law, it’s important to speak with a firm that has a wide range of criminal law knowledge and experience.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases are notoriously fraught with high emotional tension and intense repercussions for those against whom allegations are made. Additionally, this particular area of law is immensely complicated and full of situations in which the odds are stacked against the accused.

Though many accusers may make claims that they do not intend to result in criminal charges, these allegations become a matter of the state when they are made to law enforcement.

These accusations may result in either a misdemeanor or felony charges. Though, whatever the case at hand may be, contacting an attorney as soon as possible is crucial to securing a favorable outcome in any case.

Our criminal defense lawyers are professionals with years of experience navigating the legal quicksand of Domestic Violence matters. Flores Law Group, APC is prepared to handle the complications and difficulties that arise in these cases in such a way as to provide our clients with unparalleled representation.

Sex Crimes

Facing a sex crime allegation is incredibly stressful. These claims come with intense social scrutiny and can affect every aspect of your life. Our firm is committed to handling these matters in a delicate and assertive manner.

Our legal team has specialized experience in this field. Criminal Law Attorney Edward R. Flores spent four years in the sex crimes unit as a prosecutor. He worked directly with law enforcement during the investigation of these cases and took these cases to trial. This expert understanding of the legal process from both sides puts Mr. Flores in a unique position to offer unparalleled counsel and representation in these matters.

Three Strikes Law

In the state of California, multiple serious and violent felony convictions result in much harsher penalties. Second-time felony convictions result in doubled penalty terms -- sentences that are twice as long as they would be otherwise. Third-time felony convictions for serious or violent felonies result in a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment.

These “strike” convictions are brought up in charging documents and it is our goal to have those strikes removed. Our firm has worked tirelessly to employ the Romero motion and other strategies to remove these strikes from allegations and sentencing.

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Sentencing Enhancements

Sentencing enhancements can be applied to many different criminal charges, especially when there has been an indication of violence that occurred during the event of the crime. These enhancements are most commonly applied to personal crimes and can be in connection with gang violence, weapons, and more.

Our attorneys are available to speak with you about whether these alleged enhancements have the legal grounds to be applied to your case.

White Collar & Economic Crimes

White Collar crimes have been more aggressively dealt with by courts and prosecutors than ever. These offenses include non-violent crimes of an economic nature and often result in the assets of the alleged perpetrator being frozen or captured.

Mr. Flores worked as a prosecuting attorney in Orange County, during which time he specialized in handling crimes of this nature for years. This unique opportunity positioned Mr. Flores to employ a highly particular skillset to later win dismissals with charges of over a million dollars.

Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation

If you are looking to speak with one of the top criminal defense law firms practicing in Riverside County, CA, please consider Flores Law Group, APC. Our team of criminal justice attorneys are ready to speak with you in a complimentary personal case evaluation at your earliest convenience.

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