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Flores Law Group Is Pleased To Offer Criminal Defense Services to Santa Ana, CA

With over 30 years of experience in excellence, Flores Law Group has served Southern California as one of the top criminal defense law firms in their area. The criminal justice attorneys at Flores Law Group are fierce advocates for your rights. Their practice areas include a wide variety of criminal offenses including DUI, juvenile crimes, fraud, domestic violence, and more.

If you have been contacted by the police or charged with a criminal offense, Flores Law Group is here to help.

What Should I Do If Police in Santa Ana, CA Contact Me?

Many people don’t understand the nature of criminal offenses. Or, at least, the process by which criminal offenses are handled by law enforcement, prosecutors, and the state of California.

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The most crucial thing to know if you have been contacted by police is that it is absolutely imperative to seek legal counsel before giving any statement to law enforcement. This is because when officers are conducting an investigation on possible criminal charges, there are loopholes that enable them to try and extract information from you without your knowledge.

There is a misconception that when a police report is filed, the individual who filed the report can choose when to press charges or that they are able to drop charges if they choose. This is unfortunately not true.

In California, as in all states across the country, once a criminal report is made it is entirely out of the hands of the person who filed it. It becomes a matter concerning the accused individual and the laws of the state of California, which are upheld by the criminal justice system. This means that once the police have been alerted to the possibility of criminal activity, they conduct an investigation to determine whether there is enough evidence to bring charges to the accused.

When law enforcement officers conduct these investigations, they may explain that you are not being held under arrest and that you are free to go whenever you want. This is a way around giving you a Miranda warning, or as it’s more commonly known, reading you your rights.

If you are not being detained or under arrest, the police are not legally required to inform you of your rights in the situation: that you have the right to remain silent, that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, that you have the right to an attorney, etc. This can create a false sense of ease in the person they are interrogating, and lead to a person speaking freely and incriminating themselves without knowing what they are doing.

If you do speak to law enforcement, which is not advisable, be certain not to lie about any detail during the conversation -- law enforcement officers are trained to pick up on inconsistencies in a story and will use those inconsistencies against you whenever possible.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney can speak with you in a consultation to determine the nature of your case and go before you to law enforcement in order to gain scope of the situation at hand. This is the best possible way to protect yourself and your rights when contacted by the police.

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I Have Already Spoken to the Police, What Should I Do?

If you have spoken to the police, whether you have been charged or not, do your best to make a detailed transcript of the conversation. This transcript will give your criminal law attorney useful information when assessing the state of your case and moving forward with building a legal defense strategy for you.

Be certain that in moving forward, you take full advantage of your right to remain silent and politely deny any request for further details and information. Defense attorneys are highly skilled in negotiating the best possible outcome for your situation and will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected.

Call Flores Law Group in Santa Ana, CA today for a personal case evaluation. Experienced and thoughtful criminal law attorneys are standing by, ready for the opportunity to help you through this difficult time and take the first steps toward your best future.

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