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Criminal LawIn Orange County and across Southern California, you have a choice between many law firms when selecting an Orange County criminal defense attorney, but few equal Edward Flores’s depth of experience as a former prosecutor. Edward R. Flores worked 12 years in the Orange County District Attorney’s office, rising to the top level as a trial lawyer while handling the most serious cases. As a result of this experience, Mr. Flores is an expert trial lawyer and tested in battle. Just as important he cares about your case and gives each client the personal attention they deserve.

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Mr. Flores represents clients accused of all state and federal crimes including:

In addition to his breadth of experience in trial, Mr. Flores has also attended and completed intensive courses in DNA analysis, Internet Fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, White Collar fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Gang Crimes, Evidence, Trial Advocacy, Internet crimes, Insurance Fraud, Mental Defenses, and Sexual Assault, to name a few.

How To Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney In Newport Beach, California?

When you are facing a criminal charge, your reputation, your criminal record, and your very freedom can be on the line. Don’t settle for the first criminal defense attorney you come across. Take some time and use the following tips to choose wisely when it comes to investing in legal services:

  • Call the legal professional organization nearest to you. Attorneys tend to be members of professional organizations. Most states and some cities have defense lawyer organizations and some of these organizations have online directories. You may also go directly to the State Bar website and search for certified criminal defense attorneys in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Get a referral. If you are in contact with a law office through your job, that office may be able to recommend a competent California criminal defense attorney. If you have a friend who has had to hire a defense attorney in the past, he or she may also be able to recommend a certain attorney.
  • Ask to see a sample contract. Beware of criminal defense lawyers in Newport Beach who want a lump sum of money upfront to handle initial proceedings in your case. An attorney should be honest about the possible outcomes of your case and should never make any promises or guarantees.
  • Consider the realistic cost of hiring a private attorney. The cost of a criminal defense attorney in Newport Beach, California is typically based on how complicated your case is. Attorneys will usually ask for a retainer fee, as the defense will likely require expert witnesses or extensive motions. Attorneys have a number of different methods of billing for their work. These can include flat fees for specific services, hourly rates, and contingency fees. Hourly rates are the least predictable. It is difficult for an attorney to predict how much time your case is going to take. Flat fees are, of course, the most predictable but can be expensive for cases that aren’t that complicated. Many Newport Beach criminal defense attorneys offer a fee agreement that includes a refundable retainer which increases as the case goes past a minimum amount. Misdemeanor cases may cost a few thousand dollars in legal fees, while felony cases generally start at $5,000 and can run much, much higher.
  • Schedule a consultation. It is always the best idea to have an in person meeting to determine whether or not you feel comfortable with a particular attorney. Meeting with a lawyer is the most accurate way to decide if you have confidence in his skills and feel confident in his ability to handle your case. Always remember that a consultation is not a binding agreement in any way. It is wise to schedule consultations with several attorneys to make sure you find the best one for you.

At the consultation, ask about fees and payment schedules and for a list of similar types of cases he or she has worked on. Ask the attorney what kind of trial strategy he or she would recommend for your case and ask about alternatives, plea bargains, and negotiations. The right attorney will be able to clearly explain all your options in a way that you understand. You should also consider outright asking the attorney what, in his or her opinion, makes them qualified to handle your case. Don’t forget that an attorney is a professional who works for you.

Facing criminal charges is a stressful and sometimes downright terrifying experience. Securing competent legal representation can help to guide you through the process in the least traumatic manner possible.

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