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Different factors can aggravate or enhance a DUI charge, meaning the prosecutor can and usually will want greater punishment. For example, a simple DUI is driving under the influence, with no aggravating factors, no car accident, no hit and run, no children in the backseat when you were driving. These are some of the aggravating factors that the prosecutor will consider when deciding whether or not to go after a greater punishment. This is in addition to an accident with or without an injury, or prior convictions for DUI which will also aggravate a new DUI charge. An additional aggravating factor is excessive blood alcohol level. If your blood alcohol level is .15 to .19 the law requires a longer alcohol program of six months. If it is .20 or higher the law requires a 9-month alcohol program. In addition, the prosecutor will generally seek more jail time or other punishment because of your excessive blood alcohol level.

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