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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can arrange for bail in Orange County. Remember you have the Constitutional right to remain silent. You are not required to speak with anyone and should not discuss the facts of your case with anyone except your attorney.
A: Pay the full amount of the bail in cash. The benefit of this is that you get the entire amount of your money back when the case ends. No premium is paid to a bondsperson. Anyone with cash or a money order can post bail for you. Bail Bond. In this method, a bail bondsperson may arrange for your bail. The cost is usually10% of the bail amount. If your bail is set at $100,000 you pay a non-refundable $10,000 for the bond and secure the remaining $90,000 using property as collateral. The security in your collateral ends when your case ends but the $10,000 is the bondsperson’s fee and is not returned.
A: I never advise against hiring a lawyer. This is not a business decision. It is based upon the realities of a criminal defendant’s or injured person’s situation. The reality is that your lawyer will know much more about jail or other sanctions that the District Attorney or Court will impose upon you than will you. In injury situations, your lawyer will know more about dealing with insurance companies than will you. Of course, you may get a “good” offer but how will you know?  How will you know if it is a bad offer? In criminal cases, a great deal is at stake – not only incarceration, but loss of job, home, and other factors. Minus incarceration, the same is true for catastrophic injury cases. Your goal should be to resume your life with the least possible negative impact.  Felonies will affect your future, but even misdemeanors could have serious ramifications such as lost licenses (driving and professional) and lifelong entry into government databases. It could even affect future job prospects. Hiring a lawyer is a personal decision but one that could have a large impact on the rest of your life. It is extremely important that you retain a lawyer to help you through your current situation.
A: The most fundamental concept to selecting a lawyer is “trust.”  Ed Flores is a former Orange County senior deputy DA. Your lawyer will be the person to whom you confide. You must trust your lawyer’s experience and counsel. Sit down with the lawyer and speak with him or her. Ask the lawyer if they have experience with your type of case, but do not regard this as the sole qualification. The lawyer may have experience in many other types of cases that are readily transferable to your case and be an excellent lawyer to boot. Do not feel compelled to hire that lawyer simply because you are in the office. Speak with a few attorneys if you are unsure and do not simply let the fee be your guide. It is true that we do not select heart surgeons based upon their fee. The same care should be taken when retaining a lawyer. See How to Choose a Lawyer.
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