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Accused Of Insurance Fraud?

Don’t panic, Flores Law Group is equipped and ready to confidently defend your case.

Being accused of insurance fraud comes with its own unique set of challenges. Given that these issues generally stem from making a fraudulent insurance claim or destroying insured property, collecting the evidence for this particular kind of case can be difficult. No matter what your state of affairs may be, it is important to know your rights throughout this process so that you can move forward with understanding and perception.

An insurance fraud charges lawyer will play a critical role in how your case is handled. Given that the most important thing is the protection of your rights, your legal counsel will ensure that you are cognizant of what is happening and what your role is in the resolution of your case.

Flores Law Group prides itself on bringing the people of Tustin, California individualized and skilled legal representation. With over three decades of experience, our legal team is prepared to offer superior legal services with our commitment to client satisfaction. Over the years, we have managed a plethora of legal matters, and this has allowed us to cultivate a legal approach that is both communicative and success-driven.

What Are The Consequences Of Insurance Fraud In Tustin, CA?

Insurance fraud charges vary greatly depending on the nature of the fraud, and how the crime was committed. These crimes can be charged as the destruction of insured property, or by making a fraudulent insurance claim. Insurance fraud can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony – and this is dictated by several factors.

Destruction of insured property is a felony. This type of insurance fraud is punishable by:

  • Two, three, or five years in State Prison, and
  • a $50,000 fine.

Making a fraudulent claim can either be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. This depends on the type and the amount of the claim filed. Misdomeander fraudulent claims are punishable by:

  • Up to one year in jail,
  • a $10,000 fine.

Felony fraudulent insurance claims are punishable by:

  • Two, three, or five years in jail,
  • a $50,000 fine or double the amount of the fraud.

Defend your case by hiring an expert insurance fraud defense lawyer from Flores Law Group today.

What An Insurance Fraud Lawyer Offers You

A defense lawyer for insurance fraud charges has the ability to interface with prosecuting parties on your behalf, collect evidence that may be beneficial to your case, and negotiate the outcome of your case.

The most common defenses to insurance fraud cases can include:

  • A mistake made on either the defendant’s or the insurance company’s behalf.
  • The lack of intent to defraud.
  • The expiration of the statute of limitations (four years in the state of California).

We’re Here To Help

Don’t face the criminal justice system alone – you are entitled to expert legal representation to defend your case.

If you are facing insurance fraud charges, it is important to speak with an attorney about your situation as soon as possible. Contact Flores Law Group today for more information.

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