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When Do I Need A Manslaughter Defense Lawyer?

Manslaughter may seem like a less severe charge than murder but is still a serious crime.

To be charged with murder there must be malicious intent to cause the death of someone. Whereas, manslaughter is killing another person without malice or malicious intent.

Manslaughter is classified as a felony, which can carry a long prison sentence and heavy fines. A charge of manslaughter can significantly affect you, your family, and your career. To minimize the potential damage, you need the services of an accomplished manslaughter lawyer who will fight to get you a favorable verdict.

Experienced Tustin, CA manslaughter defense lawyer Edward R. Flores can defend you against these charges working to get the best outcome for you and your family. Facing criminal charges is a stressful and sometimes downright terrifying experience. Securing competent legal representation can help to guide you through the process. Call (714) 689-2660 to schedule your initial consultation.

What Are The Types Of Manslaughter?

In California, there are three types of manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter

According to the California Penal Code Section 192(a), voluntary manslaughter is defined as “the unlawful killing of a human being upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.” To be charged with voluntary manslaughter there must be no malicious intent to kill the other person. A common example is when a husband catches his wife having an affair with another man and kills him in a fit of rage.

Involuntary Manslaughter

According to California, Penal Code Section 192(b) involuntary manslaughter is defined as “the commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to felony; or in the commission of a lawful act which might produce death, in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection.” Involuntary manslaughter is typically a lesser charge because the death is seen as unintentional.

Vehicle Manslaughter

According to the California Penal Code Section 192(c) vehicle manslaughter is defined as “driving a vehicle negligently or unlawfully and thereby causing the death of another human being.” In California, negligent behavior could include speeding, texting, or talking on your cell phone without a hands-free device. You can be charged with vehicle manslaughter if the driver or passenger(s), in the car you hit, die from crash-related injuries, a passenger(s) in your car dies, or a pedestrian was killed due to your negligent behavior.

I Am Charged For Manslaughter, What Are My Defense Options?

When charged with any type of manslaughter, the prosecution must demonstrate you were provoked, the provocation caused you to act with impaired reasoning, and any reasonable person would have acted the same way in a provoked state.

Voluntary manslaughter

We would work to prove that your actions were for self-defense or the defense of others. With practiced manslaughter sentence lawyer Ed Flores, you may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed.

Involuntary manslaughter

Manslaughter lawyer Ed Flores would work to show that you acted in self-defense, the death was an accident, or there is insufficient evidence to prove your alleged guilt.

Vehicular manslaughter

Manslaughter defense lawyer Ed Flores would defend your case working to prove that your actions were not negligent, were not the cause of death, and you were not driving at the time of the accident.

Should I Hire Manslaughter Lawyer Edward R. Flores?

When you need a personal injury attorney in Tustin, CA, and surrounding counties, consult with the best. Contact Flores Law Group, A Professional Corporation, and let Ed get to work immediately to protect you and your interests. Ed treats every client like family and is proud to serve the Tustin, CA community.

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