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My clients, husband and wife, were driving to work one morning when a car ran a red light and slammed into the passenger side where wife was seated. Both went to hospital but otherwise walked away from the collision. Wife suffered disc injuries with no surgery but continued pain, and returned to work. Husband’s causation issues drove the case. The problem for husband was that he was a kidney transplant patient, having lost his kidney and received a transplant due to industrial causes 22 years previous. Liability was not an issue as the other driver clearly ran the red light. The problem, however, was proof of damages. After the collision, husband’s blood pressure spiked and his kidney began to fail within days. Within 7 months his kidney failed completely and he began dialysis. The life expectancy of a cadaver kidney transplant is 10-15 years – husband was already 7 years beyond that kidney life expectancy. The defense argued through their experts that his kidney was already failing at the time of the collision, and they did have evidence, and great doctors, to support this. We worked really hard on this case for years, searching for an expert and educating ourselves on the medicine. Given what we encountered, it was a case where one could easily have done a risk benefit analysis and decided against going further. But our clients are really good people, and we believed in them. We could not let it go. I want to publicly thank my team for helping to secure this win for our clients. I am so happy to have helped these fine people.


I am very happy to report a multi-million dollar settlement on a difficult personal injury damages case on the eve of trial.

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