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The length of time that it will take to resolve a personal injury case will depend on the case itself. If the plaintiff has really serious injuries and has to go through treatment, then it will take a year or more. It will also depend on whether the defendant is insured and willing to settle at an early stage.

Can I Even Afford An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

Rather than ask whether a person can afford an experienced personal injury attorney, it should be asked whether they can afford not to. Too many people say they can’t afford an experienced attorney, but it is critical to hire someone who knows what they are doing. There are so many pitfalls waiting for the inexperienced or novice attorney, including how to negotiate and work with government agencies regarding Medicare and Medicaid, how to plan for the future, and how to receive settlements or awards.

There is also the idea that more experienced attorneys have better reputations with the adjustors, so the adjustors may be more willing to resolve the case for more money in the client’s pocket. In other words, if an adjustor knows that an attorney will try a case, they will be more likely to settle for a reasonable amount rather than spend the time, effort, and money on trying to give the lowest offer possible.

It should also be known that personal injury attorneys work on contingency, which is important because this allows a person to obtain good representation even if they don’t have a lot of money upfront. When an attorney takes a case on contingency, it means that the attorney won’t charge the client anything unless a settlement or judgment is obtained. If a settlement is obtained or a judgment after trial, then the attorney will take a percentage of that settlement or judgment as their fee.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

There are many personal injury law firms that seek to resolve as many cases as possible in the shortest amount of time in order to make a profit rather than obtain good results. Ultimately, choosing a good attorney means choosing an attorney who cares about their clients, the outcome of the cases they handle, and about society in general. Not only do I care about all of these things, but I have a significant amount of experience handling cases in the criminal arena. I have tried over 100 criminal and civil cases. On the criminal cases, I have dealt with clients who were obviously guilty, and as a prosecutor working with law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and police officers, I dealt with many people who were actually committing crimes.

On the flip side, I have dealt with people who were merely being accused of crime, and learned the importance of understanding and listening to their story. I did not grow up as a silver spoon kid; my family did not have a lot, and that is okay because I have a lot of love in my family, which is something of which the world could use more. As a result of my experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, I feel like I have a real ability to communicate not only with my clients, but also with the jurors who are listening to these cases.

Take your time and interview and retain a lawyer that feels right for you.

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