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An individual should seek medical treatment as soon as it is needed after sustaining an injury. While there are many reasons a person may wait to seek medical treatment, such as not having insurance or not feeling any pain right away, waiting too long can complicate their case. With that said, just because someone waited to get treatment does not mean that they’ve ruined their chance to pursue a claim, it will simply be more difficult to defend the delay in treatment against attacks by the insurance adjustors who work for the at-fault party’s insurance company.

In most cases, the people who wait to get treatment are the people who sustain soft tissue injuries which might not immediately cause pain. I advise anyone who feels even a slight amount of discomfort to see a medical provider; while taking the conservative route by seeing if the discomfort resolves on its own may seem reasonable, it could hurt a person’s chances of recovering.

If an injured party begins treatment and fails to follow through with all of the recommended treatment, then the defense will say that the injured party failed to mitigate their damages, which will also complicate an injured party’s ability to recover damages. It is always best for a person to pay attention to their body and seek treatment when they think it is needed.

How Do People Unintentionally Hurt Their Personal Injury Claims?

People unintentionally hurt their personal injury claims by not following their doctors’ advice, failing to mitigate their damages, doing things which aggravate the injury, and lying about small details pertaining to the injury or incident. These kinds of things can hurt a person’s case and their ability to seek damages because there are responsible citizens sitting in the jury who are wary of people they perceive as trying to get a handout or who are deceitful. People always need to be honest and real in order to have the best chances of being awarded what they deserve from a jury.

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